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The BOC Model
The BOC Network — A Model for Community Empowerment

The BOC Network, located in eight culturally diverse neighborhoods around New York City and in Newark, New Jersey, is much more than a conduit for channeling technical assistance to a handful of disparate communities. It is a highly-replicable business revitalization strategy whose emphasis on community-based outreach, on-going case management, and quality control throughout the service- delivery process has proven to be a model for the nation as a whole.

Aided by the BOC Network and the individual centers that comprise it, community-based entrepreneurs are educated and empowered, enabling them to join as energized partners in the all-important work of supporting the expansion of employment opportunities, and of promoting the economic development and well-being of their communities and regions.

As a result, once isolated communities become partners, and partnered communities learn to share capacity, experience, and strategies, making it possible for them to build the foundation for real and lasting economic growth.

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