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The Small Business Services of the BOC Network

The BOC Network puts microenterprises and small businesses together with information, technical assistance, financing and other vital services and resources, free of charge. Whether you’re a pre-start-up or a long-established enterprise, the BOC Network’s alliance of local Business Outreach Centers, or BOCs, can help. Based in neighborhoods throughout New York City and in Newark, New Jersey, each BOC provides individualized, comprehensive guidance in obtaining financial, marketing, management, technology, and legal services.

For more information about the BOC nearest you, click here.

Other important BOC Network programs and services designed to help you and your business succeed:

BOC Capital Corp. Small-Business Loan Fund
Building a business can be difficult, especially without access to traditional financing.

BOC Capital Corp. offers small-business loans of up to $25,000. Our goal is to strengthen local businesses and help them move to the next level. We offer local entrepreneurs flexible, customized loans (for example, for short-term, order-based lending), as well as ongoing business development assistance.

For more information about BOC Capital Corp., click here.

The Crunch Program—Bottom-Line Management Training Crunch helps small-business owners tackle one of the most challenging parts of their businesses— financial management and planning. Designed as a series of accessible, step-by-step workshops, Crunch offers critical financial analysis training adjusted to a client’s needs using a combination of counseling and computer technology. Together, clients and the Crunch Director build spreadsheets that allow for "what-ifs," Cash Flow, P&L analysis, and more. These spreadsheets help to identify the mismatches between planned actions and "hoped-for" results in sales, expenditures, and timing. They also provide a level of clarity that conversation cannot match. Crunch workshops include:

  • Setting Profit Goals

  • If you don’t know where you’re going, it is hard to get there!
  • Forecasting Sales

  • Your vision of success must be firmly grounded in reality.
  • Forecasting Sales and Marketing Costs

  • Predicting the future requires strong knowledge of your industry.
  • Forecasting Production or Service Delivery Costs

  • Turn forecasts into profits.
  • Forecasting Financial Costs

  • Know the price of getting the money you need!

Business American-Style
Doing business in New York City can be confusing, especially if English isn’t your first language. "Business American-Style" offers a series of seminars that provide practical information in both English and the native languages of New York’s immigrant communities.

Experienced speakers, professionals in their fields, cover the essential elements of banking and business credit, government regulations, insurance and legal issues, accounting and taxes, as well as planning and marketing.

Individual BOCs then provide follow-up counseling to address the specific needs of emerging entrepreneurs.

Childcare Business Development Project
Our Childcare Business Development Project helps home-based childcare providers develop and enhance their businesses. Now, needed services and support in reaching economic self-sufficiency are available to childcare providers through this special project, including:

These services are designed to help childcare providers establish successful, high-quality, childcare businesses.

The project offers two training courses: 

Child Care Means Business Training: an 11-week, 55 hour training meeting two times a week for home-based child care providers. Courses usually take place in the evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM at training locations throughout New York City.  Course trainings are available in English, Spanish and Russian throughout the year. 

Training hours may be applied towards NY state mandated training hours in:

  1. Principles of Childhood Development
  2. Child Day Care Program Development
  3. Safety & Security Procedures
  4. Business Record Maintenance & Management
  5. Statutes & Regulations

Caring for the Future Training is designed for individuals interested in a career in early childhood education as a child care worker (assistant) and/or teacher assistant in licensed child care facilities. This training meets for a total of 70 hours over the course of two weeks and is offered in English. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Training hours may be applied towards NY state mandated training hours in:

  1. Fifteen (15) hour SUNY Health and Safety Training: Competencies for becoming a Family or Group Family Day Care Provider
  2. Child Day Care Program Development
  3. Safety & Security Procedures
  4. Business Record Maintenance & Management
  5. Statutes & Regulations
  6. Principles of Childhood Development

For more information or to register for an upcoming training, please contact:
Queens BOC - (718) 205-3773
Brooklyn BOC - (718) 624-9115
Or email

BOC Industrial Business Solutions
BOC Industrial Business Solutions Provider offers assistance for small and medium-sized industrial, manufacturing, transportation and construction firms in New York City, with a special focus on supporting and improving the Steinway and Maspeth Industrial Business Zones in Queens.

Industrial business specialists help businesses access incentives, rebates and loans to keep the cost of doing business in New York competitive, and to achieve goals for expansion, relocation, workforce development, energy cost savings and more.

Whether you are located in an Industrial Business Zone or are looking to relocate to one, BOC Network has the expert staff to assist you to access all the resources available to industrial, manufacturing and construction firms in New York City.

Products & Services

The Industrial program can assist you in the following areas:

For New York City's Business Solutions website featuring "Accessing Incentives: Lower your cost of doing business in NYC", click here.

Commercial Loans

BOC Capital Corp. Small-Business Loan Fund
BOC Capital Corp. offers small-business loans of up to $25,000. Our goal is to strengthen businesses and to help them move to the next level. We offer local entrepreneurs flexible loans, as well as ongoing business assistance.

Business Outreach Center Network is the Solutions Provider for the Steinway and Maspeth Industrial Business Zones.

To Contact BOC Industrial call: 718 205 3773 or email:

New "Business American-Style" Refugee Microenterprise Project
Our new Refugee Microenterprise Program helps eligible refugees and asylees start and expand small businesses throughout New York City.

Much-needed short- and long-term entrepreneurial training, one-on-one business counseling, and access to micro-loans of up to $15,000 are now on offer through this program.

Services are delivered by culturally appropriate staff in the languages of the communities served.

For more information about our new Refugee Microenterprise Program, please contact:

Queens BOC - 718-246-1881 (Spanish)
BOC Network, Inc. – 718-624-9115 (Spanish, Haitian, French)
Staten Island BOC – 718-816-4775

The Refugee Microenterprise Program is designed for individuals with special immigration status, including eligible refugees and asylees, as well as Cuban and Haitian entrants, certain Amerasians from Vietnam, and lawful permanent residents who have previously held one of these statuses.

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