Awards 2008

The Business Outreach Center Network ensures that small businesses and entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods have a chance to succeed at the critical moment by providing flexible microenterprise financing coupled with business counseling, training and mentoring. Since our inception in 1996, we have provided one-on-one technical assistance to more than 17,000 clients and have been successful in facilitating over $37 million dollars for small businesses.

Our partnership centers have grown to serve eight diverse minority and immigrant neighborhoods across New York City's five boroughs and in Newark, New Jersey.

The mission of the BOC Network - to improve the economic prospects of traditionally disadvantaged groups and communities - has at its heart a belief that whatever their differences, people and communities share a common goal: economic stability and growth. Genuine collaboration - that is, working together with culturally diverse individuals and organizations in service to a shared goal - is a hallmark of BOC.    

Please join the BOC Network in Celebrating Entrepreneurship by purchasing your ticket(s) or making a contribution to the BOC Awards 2008 luncheon to be held on Friday, June 13th at 12 o’clock noon at the Battery Gardens.  

For more information please contact Stormy McNair at (718) 624-9115.