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BOC Awards

New York, NY - On November 14, 2014 the Business Outreach Center (BOC) Network held the 2014 BOC Awards at the Battery Gardens Restaurant. Ten New York City-based businesses were recognized at the event for their exemplary entrepreneurship. Awards were presented by leaders from both the public and private sectors including NY City Council Members, the Deputy Borough President of Brooklyn, the Commissioner of NYC Small Business Services, and representatives of Goldman Sachs, Citi and Capital One.

Every day, BOC helps motivated entrepreneurs to improve their economic prospects, helping them gain needed financing, expert guidance and connections to build their businesses, create jobs, and make significant contributions to our local economy and society. The 14 entrepreneurs who received BOC Awards this year exemplify the passion for excellence, commitment to community, and motivation to overcome obstacles that all small business owners require to succeed.

Highlights from the 2014 BOC Awards

Award for Business Recovery and Resiliency

Presented by the Honorable Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., New York City Council Member

"BOC helped us out. They were able to look at our business plan, our financials. They were able to see our vision. Understand it. And help us open up our business."

--David Harari of GLI PRO

Award for Business Recovery and Resiliency

Presented by the Honorable Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., New York City Council Member

"If you are faithful and good, you will persevere."

--Hamzeh Alwawi of Princess Beauty Supply


Award for Excellence in Artisan Food Entrepreneurship

  Presented by Maria Torres-Springer, Commissioner of New York City Department of Small Business Services

"We love what we do, and we believe that you can taste the difference."

-- Liz Gutman and Jennifer King of Liddabit Sweets


Award for Community Business Advancement

Presented by Eileen V. Thornton, Senior Vice President Citi Commercial Bank

"We are so grateful to all our friends and family...we could not have done it without them!"

-- Nancy Nix and Carolyn Aston-Reese of Wicked Stitches

BOC Capital Award for Construction Business Advancement
Presented by Cristina Shapiro, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group

"I am delighted to share my experiences with those in the minority business community."

--Anderson Inniss of Inniss Construction Inc.

Award for Business Excellence

Presented by the Honorable Diana Reyna, Deputy Borough President of Brooklyn

"We great enjoy giving back, and view it as not just as privilege, but as a responsibility."

--Brian Leventhal and John Stires of Brooklyn Winery

Award for Entrepreneurship and Community Impact

Presented by Theresa Santiago, CRA Business Development Officer, Community Development Banking, Capital One

"I am the woman who puts square pegs into round holes."

Jennifer Ahmed of Pia Car Limo

Award for Excellence in Creative Entrepreneurship

Presented by the Honorable Peter Koo, New York City Council Member

"Because we've done this, we can do anything."

Annie Lim and Karen Lai of The Owl Workshop

Awards for Child Care Business Development

Presented by Jorge D. Fanjul, Chief of Staff, Office of Council Member Julissa Ferreras, Finance Committee Chair

Iris Burgos of Ciditty Kiddies Group Family Daycare Rosa Echeverri of Go Babies! Child Care


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