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BOC Capital Corp.
Building a Business for Local Entrepreneurs Just Got Easier...

Building a business is difficult enough. Without access to traditional financing, it can be nearly impossible.

Every day, plans for business ownership falter due to credit obstacles.

BOC Capital Corp. aims to change this.

To help make entrepreneurial dreams a reality and to strengthen existing local businesses, BOC Capital Corp. now offers credit-related products for business development in NYC communities.

Founded in 2001, BOC Capital Corp., an affiliate of the Business Outreach Center (BOC) Network, is a not-for-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a certified Community Development Entity (CDE) dedicated to providing micro-enterprise financing, with a special focus on small-business, women, minority and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Thanks to BOC Capital Corp., local entrepreneurs now have access to flexible, customized loans—as well as ongoing business development assistance—to help with everything from supporting a new business, to taking an existing local business to the 'next level.' Plus BOC Capital specializes in financing small order-based design and production companies!

Now, local entrepreneurs have affordable, user-friendly loan products available to them, including:

  • Order-based loans – $300 to $25,000 loans to finance production costs related to purchase orders or cash outlays required to fulfill contracts;
  • Short-term loans – $300 to $25,000 loans with repayment terms shorter than one year for eligible business purposes;
  • Long-term loans – $1,000 to $25,000 loans with repayment terms from one to three years for eligible business purposes.

BOC Capital Corp.'s flexible financial products for entrepreneurs also integrate the training, business counseling, and technical assistance of the BOC Network to help prospective borrowers in:

  • Identifying credit challenges
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Early-stage business development
  • Business expansion and
  • Business and financial management.

All applicants of BOC Capital Corp. are thoroughly reviewed by its loan committee comprised of small-business development and lending professionals.

To learn more about BOC Capital Corp., please contact:

(718) 625-1296

Reach us via e-mail at:

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